Remote Health Discipline
Discovering 8 Dimensions of Health - COVID-19 & Beyond

Gauri Singh , Ravi Relangi - RVPCO - April 20, 2020



Many health schools and public health sectors have discussed the many components/dimensions of Health/Wellness. These definitions have been applied in our normal environment. However, the underlying question is how do these health di- mensions apply in the time of a Pandemic or any other such natural disaster that would persist for a long time; we might face similar situations in the future. The COVID-19 opens our world to a new Era to discover and define how these concepts of health and wellness would apply in a Remote Environment or Stay at home order. This would be a whole new emerging field of study - Remote Health Discipline.

Let’s imagine you buy a new house, you are confined to a space shuttle, have a new job, something similar. How would you embark on this new journey of remote existence? Just think of this as your new world to explore where you get to start all over and what you will do to endure the new phase of life by unlearning from past experiences. We once lived happily in a pre-internet age, then we adapted and found happiness in the online social ways of life and business where we were not 100% confined. We, as human in pur- suit of happiness and for survival will find our way in any situation. Instead of us stress- ing that we are stuck at home, how about we are safe and happy at our new dwelling, the stay at home order.

We must follow guidelines received from our local health officials and WHO (World Health Organization) to stop the spread of virus or any such situation in the future stake which will confine us to a lock down situation but how do we prepare and equip ourselves to survive this globally. Many public health schools, colleges, and other facilities have de- fined health in many ways encompassing the Holistic approach to our well being; defining it as either, 7, 8, 9, or 10 dimensions of health/wellenss. Our new challenge is to apply those ideas in our new remote way of life. We feel eight (8) would be most applied in our current remote situation. Hence, we are sharing in this article the framework as defined by others in this field and providing our simple solutions/ideas to get you on a path of isolation from rest of the world.

Let’s discover the 8 Components of Holistic Health & Wellness which can be applied in our remote or lockdown situation like the COVID-19.

Emotional Health

Environmental Health

Financial Health

Intellectual Health

Occupational Health

Physical Health

Social Health

Spiritual Health

Here are some simple ways to effortlessly and mindfully apply in your current stay at home situation and beyond as they are universal concepts of well being which are inherent day to day in all facets of living anywhere on this earth.

I feel emotional is most important dimension for well being as human beings we have thoughts and feeling from which actions follow.

Emotional and Mental Health

• Don’t be silent and internalize your emotions such as love, likes, joys, pains.
- Try to freely express your emotions with trusted friends and family members in the same household or outside which will help release your thoughts and feelings by expressing to people by phone, by social media, by blogging, by writing, by photography, by poems,
- Watch travel videos or videos/movies of places where you hope you had an actual vacation to enjoy the culture, scenery
- Listen to music or dance or write to express and release your thoughts, pain etc and
share it with trusted friends, family, or social media contacts
_Use of healthy color schemes or motivational quotes for children in study areas etc or asper their needs
-Allowing children in your homes or outside to express their aspirations,fears,and help-ing them understand the new environment

Second, we are part of nature so we must respect, protect, and stay in peace and harmo- ny with our natural environment

Environmental Health

-Planting/watering Trees in front or back- yard
-Garden or plant flowers in your Porch or Balcony
-Dusting TV tops, bottom, all around the house
-Using resources effectively
-Instead of heavily spending or running out of bathroom tissues, the most effectively and sanitary method is to explore using the trendy environmentally hygienic bidet toilet first invented in France in 1600s, a bidet is a bathroom fixture that's de- signed to spray water and wash your genitals, perineum, and anus.

“Water is the best and healthiest way to clean just about everything.” - DONNICA MOORE, MD

Financial Health

Next, Improving your finances or making short term changes will reduce your financial stress
• Assess your financial health in the current situation
• Add your expenditures, cut down things you can not
• Call the companies to delay payments if they are willing to• Do you really need the dress now?
• Do you really need shoes?
• Besides food, how can you save?
• Staying at home has reduced your costs, fuel consumption• What short term costs can be avoided

Intellectual Health

Be curious and open your mind to new ideas and experiences
personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment and the desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning applying through remote technologies.

Create something new by yourself or with a group
1) Write a script by yourself or with a group  via Zoom or other ways to meet up
2) Finish a project you had been thinking of and get others involved via phone, zoom or other remote method, whatsapp, facetime, or gaming technologies
3) Check on creative projects in the community in different social media sites and get involved by expressing/sharing your ideas remotely

Occupational Health

Good job safety and prevention practices can reduce your risk related to occupational health. These problems can include cuts, sprains and strains, repetitive motion dis- orders; hearing problems caused by exposure to noise, vision problems; illness caused by breathing, touching, or swallowing unsafe substances; and illness caused by exposure to radiation, exposure to germs or viruses.

For stay home order’s as during COVID-19 pandemic times, most businesses should adopt the remote technological advancements like meeting tools, cloud technology, andotherremotetoolstoconducttheirbusiness. Itisabsolutelynecessarytofol- low the local health official and WHO guidelines as this helps in social distancing face to face, by enhancing virtual business and meetings, and helps in lowering the spread of virus and helps in longevity of human life.

Tips to follow:
• Set up your work area properly, the chair, the table height, the computer monitor or
the equipment set up at home now for artists as well that meet the health safety guidelines, add some plants, personal photos, or other things,use natural light if you prefer or the light that helps with your mood

Set up student desks and area for online learning as per health standards so there are no sprains or strains
• Use the right equipment and gears at home as well
• Dusting your work surface everyday, the monitor, the mouse, keyboard
• Find a space where you are limited to household interruptions or noises while
   working but meets the standards of health
• Keep your appointments with occupational therapist as required via remote meeting    methods

Let’s Imagine a world where some businesses are fully functioning and remotely utilizing all the available technology, banks, retail, government, health systems, public venues, theaters,sports,where we can enjoy all this from the comfort of our home. Busi- nesses should focus on finding ways to provide a safe work environment for their employees during the time of alienation.

Physical Health

-Keep your medical, dental, eye appointments or make them via phone and interact via Telemedicine or Telehealth method to interact and communicate your ailments.
-If emergency visit the nearest hospital wearing face masks, gloves, carrying your soaps
-Exercise Daily, join virtual exercise sessions so you can dance or exercise with others so you are not alone;Schedule exercise with friends, daily schedule
-Find and make a Exercise Schedule or diary
-Make Nutritious meals or Eat Healthy
-Eating meals that strengthen your immune system
-Wear your mask, gloves, other garbs deemed necessary as per guidance from local health officials, WHO, and CDC.

Social Health

-Have virtual Tea or Coffee meet up with bunch of friends or family
-Play a game virtually or engage members of your household
-Daily call friends and family, connect with others who you have not talked to in a while
-Grow your network
-Interact with friends on facebook, instagram, snapchat etc
-Enjoy a movie together at home or outside and discuss on Zoom Send messages via whatsapp or other texts/chat daily

​​Spiritual Health

-Feed the birds, squirrels, stray cats
-Meditate, Reflections, Practice Silence
-Donations of food, clothes as needed or others 
-Post something positive on a social media site - picture or Quote or sending calm,
peaceful, and positive messages
-listen to music that soothes your mood or resounds in the house that creates positive
vibes in the atmosphere
-Listen to spiritual music that creates positive vibrations in the house and the earth/
breaking through layers of the atmosphere
-Do charity work by calling your single friends, friends going through depression, calling older people checking to see if they need something, calling children and
talking to them about their fears
-Make masks at home and send to people who need it
-Send social media messages to hospital or front line workers - expressing gratitude ---
-Keeping the home environment in peace and harmony

This all leads to creating a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle in a Remote Setting.

Make a simple schedule daily encapsulating few aspects daily that meet your social, spiritual, emotional, physical needs daily to lead a fulfilling remote life.

Source: Tips from Mata Amritananamayi Ashram in Amritapuri, India

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