Jyoti Singh Interviews Domestic Violence Abuse Victim - Sneha Jawale

The team of RVPCO organization is working on getting a "Mobile Ambulance setup" in rural areas or areas not having access at the time of emergency.  This is the dream of "Sneha Jawale", A Domestic Violence Abuse Victim.   She is working with doctors and nurses of various hospitals and clinics to get them involved in this project and get their commitment to volunteer their time when we are able to get the Mobile Ambulance.  Currently, the goal of the team is to raise funds to purchase the ambulance.   Please donate and help us get this service in rural parts of India.  We will start with one local area.  The cost of one ambulance is $70,000 or 50 lakh rupees.  We look forward to your help raise funds to get this dream accomplished and help the multitude lacking access to emergency health services.

Mobile Ambulance Related Discussion 

Let's wholeheartedly put our actions to help the world's unfortunate!